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While counting days in anticipation of how your little one will look, penning down a list of names, that you would decide upon shopping the cute little dresses must have crossed your minds as well. Though people keep waiting for the baby to arrive as far as buying clothes is concerned, yet, once the baby steps into your life, you are literally going to be left with no time. In such cases, shopping online is a sigh of relief. Adorning the nursery for your precious little one and choosing all the essentials and luxuries for your new born is a lovely shopping experience altogether. Babies Bloom showcases a new-born checklist, wherein you can shop for all the luxuries and essential titbits along with the service of Baby Products Online free delivery as a bonus.

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Huggable candy toys

With the reasonable price tags at BabiesBloom, toys are strictly smoothly fit into the category of essentials for your little one. For the new-borns, the soft, feathery toys are the best option. In fact, a nursery is incomplete without soft toys. The variety of soft toys that you get hereis worth your while. Right from the teddy bears to the long-eared puppies, you will get it all at the best prices. Of course, choose teddy bears in multiple colours for adorning the racks of the nursery. The typical plush dark pink teddy bear with a bow has to be one in the rack. Also, collect a few different ones, in various contrasting hues, like the pink and vanilla one, with pink hearts printed on its bow or the red and cream coloured one, with a checkered bow. In case, you have put a lot of pink in your baby’s room already, go with the plush yellow or blue puppy for a change.



While you search for Baby Products, don’t miss out on the pretty little nursery knickknacks. The scented, eco-friendly candles in glass jars can be a pretty addition to the pretty nursery. In case, you stick to pastel hues and mostly soft pink, beige or white for the nursery décor, these candles are a colour pop to the décor coming in various colours like red, lavender and green.


Baby fashion Essentials:

The aww-dorable headbands and hairpins are just the perfect fashion accessories for your little princess. Laces and bows are absolutely redefined here, so don’t miss out on this pretty things while Baby Shopping Online. The red and black hair bow and clip set and the pink bunny flower hairpin are the must-haves for the closet of your little princess.

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Cute little teddies, the even cuter headbands and hairpins and all the other nursery essentials are brought to you by BabiesBloomat the best prices. So, shop the best of the lot for your little princess and gift her with a lovable world of her own.


Baby shower gift ideasgo higher on the cuteness:

While your dearie is expecting, let her dig into the extra doses of love (read as ghee) and pamper her with an array of aww-dorable little Baby gifts. The buzz word says that baby-moon and quite a lot of now and then photo sessions flaunting the baby bump, and of course,the mum-to-be radiance, are as mandatory and ceremonial as baby shower.It’s like the former two are the red carpet pre events, baby shower being the finale.Baby shower has taken to a little more of fun celebrations and a little less of boring rituals with customized props. So throw her a bash loaded with cute little gifts and a yummy luncheon. Confused as in what gift to shower her with? You will be all sorted once you set your eyes upon the array of trendy yet rare baby shower gifts for your dear mum-to-be.

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Chicbaby’s dress-like bags:

Choosing one is nearly impossible when you scroll through these bags, doped with cuteness. Pink, blue and white are the hues that dominate this category. These utility baby bags resemble the cutest ever baby dresses. From pink and blue checkeredor polka dotted dungariesto the shimmery white fairy dress, you will find it all on the bags here.

Bib-n-bottle bags:

The decorative little bags with an overdose of polka dots, ribbons and a bib-like décorpiece attached at the centre- are just jaw-droppingly adorable. Besides being a lovely baby shower gift, these can absolutely pass off as baby shower favour bags.In case, the pouches seem to be old-fashioned for the lovely mum-to-be, check out the bottle-shaped bags with ribbons and rhinestone to play the trendy pouch.

Nothing can beat a box full of candies:

These DIY candy boxes are the prettiest of all gifts and décor items. Yes, keeping a couple of these little candy boxes around is definitely going to help the mum-to-be through the bad mood swings. Available in the miniatures of decorated feeding bottles and gift boxes, with all ribbons and nets tied around beautifully, here are some candy holders(read as mood boosters).

Memory books and the mandatory bookmarks:

Apart from the Baby Products, here is a lot more to the pretty little baby shower gifts. Memory books, being one of those, put together the special moments forever, and to keep onto your favourite page, here are the cutest bookmarks ever. Silver umbrella, prince crown, snowflake are the best picks from bookmarks.

Candles, coasters and more:

Scrolling down the candle collection, the pairs of fairy, ducklings, colourful baby socksand feeding bottles options are absolutely overlycute to confuse you. Go with the recommended options- sleeping baby scented candles and wedding bride candles- the best picks of the collection fora nursery.The green leafy meadow coasters, flip-flop luggage tags and the pretty elephant holders are the next in the queue. So, make your best choice of new born baby gifts from this cuteness reloaded titbits, as it’s high time you should look elsewhere than lotions and body oils.

Counting days along with her is fun but also make sure she is not left all alone with her mood swings; instead make each day count pampering her with these aww-dorable mum-to-be gifts. Shop Baby Products Online

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Babies Bloom cares as mother’s love

Buy baby products online. Motherhood adds a new chapter in the life of women that lasts forever, who is already leading a life as a daughter, sister, wife and daughter-in-law. It exhibits immense austerity, affection, sacrifices and care, which are also the cornerstones of a mother’s life. It is these cornerstones that nurtures a baby, right from the day she conceives him/her in the womb and makes the baby blossom like a flower when they grow up.Gifting 1

However, these four words – austerity, affection, sacrifices and care, that a women does in bringing up her baby, in itself requires incredible power and devotion in order to successfully deliver the best being to the society. This is because, a new born child is a future in making. From the physical form, that is just exposed to cruelties of polluted environment to its moral form that will mould him/her into a responsible being, a mother needs to ensure that everything is impeccable.

As said, “God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers.” And nobody can substitute them. But, we recently found an extended helping hand, that has helped the mothers in their latency or feeding period. This is the most crucial period as child is still building anti-bodies and requires the best of everything, right from what they eat to what they wear. Now, what they eat or drink is undoubtedly perfect, as its the mother’s milk. So what always haunts a mother is what to buy and from where to buy, so that it does not affect the health of the newborn.

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Babies Bloom Store with its extensive range of products designed and manufactured carefully keeping in view the delicate and fragile health of new born, is of great help for the mothers. This one stop shop for all baby products, guarantees that best product for your baby at unmatched prices. Mothers! Indeed, your love and affection is irreplaceable. But, like you Babies Bloom Store’s Baby Products is working tirelessly to deliver anything and everything that you might need for your baby, while nurturing them and make them bloom like a flower. If you are a new mother, do visit them on Babies Bloom Store and grab the best for your baby.


Baby Keepsakes: Babies Bloom Store

Buy baby products online from Babies Bloom Store. Dresses, shoes, bottles – Everything check. Now I guess it is time to talk about some room brightening elements for the room and those products which not only decorate the room but also are kept for the years to come as precious memories . We are talking about the category of Baby keepsakes Baby Products

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So, first comes Baby Imprint Keepsake Kits. These kits basically help you store your baby’s hand prints and foot prints for ever. These products are interesting and can turn out as a good gift for the child when it turns 18 and look back to cherish this. Buy Babies Bloom Pink DIY Hand-Print And Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame at Rs.3,500.


Next you can buy Baby Keepsakes Gift Sets. They are all available at minimal rates. You may buy Babies Bloom Baby Joyful Bear First Year Photo Frame at just Rs. 1,799 to capture and store all cute pictures of baby. These products make an amazing gift to the parents and the child.

Lastly, the most important thing to buy- Baby Growth charts. It is of utmost importance to record your baby’s growth and thus be aware of it’s health. Growth Charts are available at the prices of Rs.899 and Rs.999 and are extremely in fashion. Growth Charts are also one of the most sold products on Babies Bloom Store.


Baby Products: Baby Diapers

Buy Baby Products Online India. New born babies have only once way of expression till they are able to learn and start speaking and that is – crying. Babies cry for everything but the most when their intimate areas are wet and become prone to rashes. Thus the use of proper and good quality diapers is really a necessity. So, you can save your time and energy ad visit the website of Babies Bloom Store to buy soft diapers for your child from the category- Baby Products, Baby care and sub-category- Baby Diapers.


So, the products we would suggest are – Himalaya Baby Diapers Small, Himalaya Baby Diapers Large, and Himalaya Baby Diapers Medium. All of these products are available are inexpensive prices and the good news is that it is trusted. You can sit back home and relax with your child while we at Babies Bloom Store take the guarantee to deliver these products in no time and good prices.BBS Store mix

Before you make your baby wear these diapers, don’t forget to apply Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream which you can easily buy from the Baby Bath and Skin Care section.

Keep your baby clean and keep your baby happy. Buy Baby Products Online.

Babies Bloom Store

One stop for happiness. One stop for saving time and energy and just one stop to make decorate your baby’s special room. Babies Bloom store. This is an Indian start-up which is successfully functioning through an online portal providing parents and in general the public the option to choose from thousands of products needed to cater their baby’s needs and to parenthood and Baby shower gifts  too.


What demarcates this website from other online baby shopping websites is a lot of things. The vibrant colours of blue and pink colourfully spread across the website page makes it an eye catcher while the number of options displayed on the home screen itself makes the search even more interesting.

Buy baby products online . The website has left a distinguishing mark via the wide range of categories and sub categories it lets you explore. The categories are vivid and needful and they include – New-born Checklist, Baby Essentials, Baby Care, Nuvita Baby, Baby Keepsakes, BBS Special, For Mom, For Dad and Baby Room Décor.


Now, one might think that one single website might conglomerate 5 brands or 10 brands. But that is not the case with this store, as it uniquely sets more than 40 brands on the platform of options and varieties.

More is even more interesting is that even though the start-up is just a toddler in the field; it already has 15,169 followers on its Facebook handle. Well that gives us a positive signal to buy Baby Products Online.

The top products on this website are – baby shoes, plush toys, diaper bags, kids jewellery and baby growth chart. This start-up not only thinks about the baby, but also about the mothers and fathers who are set to embark their beautiful journey to parenthood. Maternity clothes with soft fabric and fashionable designs are easily available in the store.


Above all this, the cherry on the top is the quick processing of your ordered stuff. This might sound unbelievable but the order is processed within one business day! There is also an option to chat live with the store if you wish to interrogate about any particular product or anything in general. The store is always all ears to your questions and queries and will provide you with a solution in no time!

If you are worried about how you are going to handle parenthood or single fatherhood or single mother hood, the website also gives you tips and suggestions under its blog section for baby stores 

Name a thing, and it is here. One stop for all your solutions. Order online from exclusive bunch of products while you sit back and relax. This ‘ Little Store for Little Ones’ , also lets you order your products to the United States for we sincerely believe in spreading the happiness of conceiving a child across the world. Buy baby products online.


Importance of Toys in Baby’s Development:

Buy Baby Care Products. You might be well aware of the fact that a child’s brain’s growth rate is very good till he becomes a 4-year-old. This Development involves a lot of factors. One of which is Child’s exposure towards new and different things. And one of those important things is Toys. Every Child needs toys to play with. Toys are very important for Baby’s Mental and Social Development. And, this is how you can make it better for your child to understand various things with the help of toys.

New Born Baby Products Online Store, Buy Baby Care Products | Baby girl dresses


The Idea of Toys:

Toys can be of various kinds. We know about the toys which we grew up playing with. Everyone has had a story about Toys and which of those used to be their favorites. Even the babies now have such choices. For a very young kid, the best toys are the wooden ones. And, as she grows up, you can introduce her to bigger and more sensible toys and games as well.

Toys for babies are a source of leisure for them. They can spend a lot of their times playing with their toys and games. And, above all, playing with toys helps them develop their mental and motor skills. Have you not seen in real life too? The kids who used to be very reserved in their early years are less active even when they grow up. We all have such friends who are not good with sports or other activities because they didn’t play too much. This is Why It is very Important to Introduce your Baby to Toys.

Let us see, how actually the Toys Help in all round development of your Baby’s Mind and Body. New born baby products online India.

New Born Baby Products Online Store, Buy Baby Care Products | Baby girl dresses


Why it is Important to Introduce your Baby to Toys?

Although you can’t buy your baby anything that she asks you for, in her young years, it is important to understand what good impact do toys actually have on her. Let us understand it better with every step.

1). Better Motor Skills:

What toys do is, engage the kids in something which is intriguing for them. They are not just able to get over with the fun which they receive while playing with the toys. And then as they are playing with their toys or games, their motor skills are refined. They improve their motor skills at every point.

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And, there are toys such as a walker or a tricycle. When your baby is playing with such a toy, she moves herself by some means. So in a way, they are getting used to a healthy lifestyle, which will help them even in their later years.

2). Brain’s Development:

The brain becomes more active and aware when you introduce your baby to newer toys. This means, that when your baby meets a new toy, she gets to know about something completely new. Something, she never knew of. And, this is not it. The fact is that when she plays with any of the toys, she has to use her mind on her own levels.

So, this will help her cerebral capacity to be better. So, at least she has enough sense of touch, pushes, pulls or anything else which might come her way.

3). Emotional Development:

Do you remember getting attached to the one doll that you liked to play with so much in your childhood? Everyone has had such a toy in their childhood which they loved to play with. This is the basic emotion which a child develops in herself while playing with toys. It might be a small truck, a doll, a Puppy House or anything at all. But, yes your baby will have a connection with all her toys.

Even while the babies role plays with their toys or acts with them. They are doing a lot of good for their emotional sensitivity and development. Although for adults a toy means by something which they sell at a store to make money, while for kids, a toy can be so much more.

4). Social Development:

Toys introduce the baby to the world better than any adult can. A Child might not be wanting to play with you until she has a toy which she can use on you. For example, say a toy gun. You might have seen many children tend to just point their toy gun at anyone they see. They want you to play your role in such a case. This is how they start interacting.

Check out Wooden Toys Online Shopping India

Also, they learn sharing with other kids of their age when they are supposed to share their toys. So, Toys do a lot of good for your child’s social development as well.

New Born Baby Products Online Store, Buy Baby Care Products | Baby girl dresses

5). Memory’s Betterment:

When your child plays a board game, she has to use a lot of her brain. This doesn’t stress her but challenges her in a fun way. Which is why she likes and even might get addicted to playing such a game when encouraged. This happens with people of all ages though. Even you might have found yourself in such a position while playing a Cognitive Game on your phone or PC. So, you know it is very important to Introduce your Baby to Toys.

Also, if you still have any doubts or want to know about anything regarding you or your baby, feel free to contact us.

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